In Christ: You Have Been Given Every Spiritual Blessing

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ (Ephesians 1:3).

We have a general rule in our house that we’re quick to share things with one another, but it’s important to ask permission first.

For example, anytime my daughter wants to play a game on my phone, she just needs to ask me before taking it. As long as there isn’t a good reason for me to say no to her (such as unfinished chores or me expecting a call), I’ve promised to say yes whenever I can.

Now, imagine if my daughter kept asking permission to use my phone even after I handed it to her. She could be playing a game with the phone in her hands, but still pop her head up every few minute to ask if she can have the phone.

“Can I play a game on your phone?”
“You have my phone, Honey.”
“Can I play a game on your phone?”
“You still have my phone, Honey.”
“Can I play a game on your phone?”

Not only is that ridiculous, it would be somewhat annoying as well. Probably on par with the never-ending “Are we there yet?” or “I’m huuuuuuungry.”

Sometimes though, I wonder if God looks at us and says “Really?” when we keep asking Him for things that He’s already given to us. After all, according to this verse, He’s already blessed us with every spiritual blessing.

But what exactly are these blessings? The remainder of this passage tells us more about them:

  • you have been made holy (v.4)
  • you have been adopted as His child (v.5)
  • you have been offered His grace (v.6)
  • you have been redeemed and forgiven (v.7)
  • you have been given wisdom and insight (v.8)
  • you have been included in His inheritance (v.11)
  • you have been given the Holy Spirit (v.13)

God has already given you these things, yet if you’re anything like me, you keep coming back to Him asking for them again and again. That’s why I try to pay attention to the language I use whenever I talk to God:

  • Instead of asking to be forgiven when I mess up, I thank Him for how He has already forgiven me.
  • Instead of asking for His grace, I thank Him for the unending grace He’s already showered upon me.

This may seem like nothing more than a subtle shift in semantics, but I’ve found it helps me remember that I don’t need to strive to please God in order to receive His blessing. I’ve already received it (Tweet this!). All I need to do is trust and believe that if God says it’s true about all believers, it’s true about me as well.

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