Weekly Web (W)roundup


Each week, I round up the best resources, articles, and videos I find that are relevant to finding freedom from porn and sexual addiction. Please note that by posting a link here it does not mean I agree with everything in the linked article. It just means I found it interesting enough to share.

Brad Hambrick | 5 Levels of Motivation for Overcoming Addiction

“Don’t feel ashamed of your conflicted motives. God already knows and he still wants to help. The only person you can lie to is yourself and those who love you.”

Janet Newberry | Grace as a Second Language

“There’s no test for mastery in the language of grace; fluent language speakers are recognized by the way they influence others for good. – Also by the way they articulate humility and peaceful submission to appropriate authority. You’ll know you’ve experienced a fluent speaker of grace when you experience peace, personal maturity, real healing of your heart, true joy, and when your own life bears good fruit – that lasts.”

LifeWay | 3 Reasons Men’s Small Groups Are Difficult to Lead

“Coaching 6-year-old football is challenging, time-consuming, and requires loads of emotional energy. Why? Because football teams of 6-year-olds are difficult to lead. But quite possibly, not as difficult as men’s Bible study groups. In speaking with ministry leaders across the country, I’m convinced that leading a men’s small group is one of, if not the most difficult task in a local church.”

Storyline | One Reason You’re Not Making The Progress You Wish You Were

“Admitting to my struggling faith does not separate me from God; it is the pretending that I have none that does.”

Dave Willis | 7 Ways Modern Man is Failing

“If we will be willing to refocus on these areas and humbly make course corrections where needed, I believe we could improve our lives, our families and our legacies.”

Barbara Walters Interviews Johnny Cash on Faith

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