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Each week, I round up the best resources, articles, and videos I find that are relevant to finding freedom from porn addiction. Please note that by posting a link here it does not mean I agree with everything in the linked article. It just means I found it interesting enough to share.

The Blazing Center: You Can’t Shame People into Repentance

“[S]hame isn’t redemptive. Shaming doesn’t bring believers closer together in fellowship. Shame doesn’t lead believers in paths of repentance and righteousness. Rather, shame causes people to hide. It causes them to withdraw. To disappear.”

Relevant: Kingdom Come

“Once we catch a glimpse of what God plans for the Kingdom, we can begin to implement that vision in the here-and-now—beginning in our churches and in our homes and in our worship.”

XXXChurch: The Secret To Finding Real Freedom

“At the height of my addiction, I was trying the same things over and over hoping that one day they would just click if I just got my theology correct or if I was just more honest with my accountability partner. But my search was for something far more profound than simply perfecting the next tool.”

Desiring God: Joy Changes Everything

“[I]f Paul is to be believed, the task of motivating and equipping Christians for service is neither more nor less than the ordinary, stated work of pastor-teachers; and if Nehemiah is to be believed, the primary way to achieve that object is by filling their hearts with joy; which in turn means filling their minds with constant reminders of the breadth and depth and length and height of the love of Christ.”

Grace Covers Me: How do We Grow by the Holy Spirit Rather than by Self-Effort?

“One path to spiritual growth is me-centered and demands instant change. The other is God-centered and requires persistent faith. Growth by the Holy Spirit almost seems counterintuitive, but I can attest in my own life that I’ve seen deep and lasting growth as I’ve resisted myself and looked for His leadership.”

Covenant Eyes: How to Overcome the Flesh

“I fear we’ve bred a generation of believers whose souls are fixated in the way they shouldn’t go. My personal experience and the experience I have ministering to men is that most Christians are inherently focused on the ‘nots’ and ‘don’ts.’ We are acutely aware of what we shouldn’t be doing, what we shouldn’t be thinking, how we don’t measure up, what we don’t have, how we fall short, what we haven’t done, what we aren’t doing, etc. But God isn’t interested in what you’re not. He’s interested in who you are.”

Sam Allberry: The Story of a Same-Sex Attracted Pastor and Husband

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