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Each week, I round up the best resources, articles, and videos I find that are relevant to finding freedom from porn addiction. Please note that by posting a link here it does not mean I agree with everything in the linked article. It just means I found it interesting enough to share.

Lucas Gifford: The Real Reason We Look at Porn

“That moment as a little boy was the beginning of my relationship with sexual energy. Before I ever became familiar with the anatomy of a real girl, I became very familiar with pictures of girls—just like most men in our modern world. The original conditioning to sexual release for most boys comes from pictures and movies, and the euphoria and release from visual stimulation drives us back time and again, until unfortunately, addictions form in many of our lives.”

Relevant: How Do I Deal With My Partner’s Sexual Baggage?

“…no matter what we’ve done, Jesus loves us unconditionally, takes us back again and again, and empowers us to live holy and righteous lives in the here and now.”

Fierce Marriage: Eliminating “Should” from Your Marriage

“When I find my marriage struggling; when Ryan and I aren’t seeing eye to eye and I feel our agreement and intimacy being chipped away, it’s time I go back to my Savior. I’ve strayed too far and have forgotten His Words that eliminate the pressure and burden of what I should be doing.”

Micah J. Murray: Confessions of the Older Brother

“Always, I was waiting for the day — it was coming anytime now — when my Father would give me his approval, his metaphorical robe and ring. Any day now, he’d throw me a party and say, ‘You’ve finally made me proud.’”

Sean McDowell: Did Jesus Exist?

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