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Each week, I round up the best resources, articles, and videos I find that are relevant to finding freedom from porn addiction. Please note that by posting a link here it does not mean I agree with everything in the linked article. It just means I found it interesting enough to share.

NACR: Spiritual Brokenness in Recovery

“My experience is that people who expect their relationship with God to be relentlessly cheerful are in for some significant disappointment. In my case, I worked very hard to make every day with Jesus be sweeter than the day before. I worker hard. I worker harder. I worked my hardest. But the reward for all that hard work was gradually increasing depression, confusion, anger and religious compulsion.

Paul Robinson: Yes, the Bible is Offensive

“People like the woman caught in adultery, the tax collector doing over his own people, the son who decides to abandon his family, the Pharisees, the Roman centurion who has a conscience, the disciple who is beginning to doubt everything, Pilate, Herod, and everyone who has ever believed that they need to earn approval, Love and acceptance. The group that the Bible is good news for includes everyone. And for some, that’s just too offensive to bear.”

XXXChurch: 3 Ways Porn Wreaks Havoc In Our Lives

“Because porn is destructive. It destroys lives, marriages, and even our relationship with God. Am I overreacting when I say that?

Randy Alcorn: Why an Eternal Perspective Changes Everything

“Most of us see no further than the horizons of this world. To correct our shortsightedness, God prescribes a vision correction that allows us to look through the lens of eternity. Suddenly we realize this present life is but a brief window of opportunity to invest in what will last for eternity.”

John Piper: The Great Antidote to Shame

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