Top 10 Websites to Help You Overcome Pornography Addiction

Top Ten ListBelieve it or not, we’re not the only site on the internet dedicated to helping others find freedom from pornography addiction. Some may see these other sites as the competition, but I see them as members of the same team. So, for that reason, I would like to share with you ten sites that I personally follow and whole-heartedly recommend. These top 10 websites have been helpful in my own journey from pornography addiction, and I trust they will be equally helpful in yours as well.

1. XXXChurch

These guys are amazing. They offer articles, resources, self-assessment tests, accountability, and even filtering software. I thoroughly enjoy the various blogs found throughout the site, and am constantly encouraged by their stories of others finding freedom from pornography addiction. (Full disclosure: I do write for them from time to time.)

2. Freedom in Christ Ministries

Dr. Neil T. Anderson focuses on educating and equipping those who struggle with addictions by helping them better understand what true spiritual freedom looks like. My own journey to freedom began while reading The Bondage Breaker, one of Dr. Anderson’s Books.

3. Samson Society

A nationwide network of men who have chosen to come out of isolation and share their lives with one another. I highly recommend joining a Samson Group, as recovery becomes much more likely when you enter into a community of trusted brothers. Their Pirate Monk Radio podcast is one of my favorites.

4. TrueFaced

TrueFaced is dedicated to teaching “the original good news” of the Gospel. Their message of God’s grace and unconditional love changed my entire view of God, setting me free from the behavior-based religiosity that was contributing to my addiction.

5. Ransomed Heart

Freedom from addiction isn’t an outside-in transformation (IE: change your behavior in order to change your heart), it’s an inside-out transformation. Once your heart comes alive to Christ, your behavior will take care of itself. The ministry of Ransomed Heart is dedicated to helping men (and women) discover their true hearts and awakening them to the adventure God has called them into.

6. Route 1520 (Undone Redone)

Route1520 is built on the firm belief that individuals cannot change through mere willpower or simply learning Biblical principles and trying to carry them out. They believe that change takes place in community as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ more deeply into our understanding and into our hearts. This process is a journey and not a quick-fix formula.

7. Setting Captives Free

Offers free online courses and materials to assist you in your journey to freedom, whether it be from pornography, over-eating, gambling, or any other addiction.

8. Your Brain on Porn

Focuses on the scientific approach to understanding the effects of pornography on the brain. If you like to geek out on stuff like dopamine-signaling, this is the site for you.

9. Covenant Eyes / X3Watch

I have been pleased with each of these filtering software options, so I encourage you to try them both and decide which one you prefer. Both sites offer great articles and resources that are worth looking into as well.

10. Dirty Girls Ministries

Not all porn users are men, and the percentage of female users is growing alarmingly fast. Dirty Girls Ministries exists to provide these women with help, hope, and healing from pornography and sexual addiction.

Are there other sites that you would you recommend?

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