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You're awesome!We’re a small ministry (let’s put it this way, when I say “we,” I actually mean just “me” at this point). Everything we do here is supported by generous donations and my own personal investment. So just the fact that you even clicked on this page means the world to me. If you appreciate what we’re doing here and want to get behind us financially, I won’t stop you. That being said, please don’t feel obligated to give anything.

My Promise to You

My vision for this ministry is to provide Biblical resources for men at the lowest cost possible, and hopefully for free. With that in mind, I promise you that any profits generated from affiliate links or donations will be used 100% to further the reach of the ministry. No pleasure trips to Hawaii for me.


If you would like to donate to Belt of Truth Ministries, you can do so through Paypal by clicking the Donate link below.

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