My One Thing: Seth Alan Taylor

“What’s the one piece of advice you would give
to someone struggling with porn addiction?”

Seth Alan Taylor is a blogger at xxxchurch and the author of Feels Like Redemption.

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Stephen: Hi guys. Steve here with Belt of Truth. I’ve got Seth Taylor on the line. Seth is a blogger at XXXChurch and author of the soon to come out ‘Feels Like Redemption’. I’m about halfway through the book right now, and it’s awesome. So I am excited for it. And at the end here, Seth will tell you where to find it. But before we get to that, Seth, I just want to ask you what’s the one piece of advice you would give to somebody struggling with porn addiction?

Seth: I think that it has to do with this kind of central core question. I think everybody that’s dealing with pornography addiction or any type of addiction or depression or anxiety has this basic question they’re asking. Some people were asking why me. And some people were asking this question about what does God want from me. And they have this kind of paradigm of God, especially those of us in the Christian church that have dealt with this stuff or are dealing with it. I think it’s a matter of changing that central question. And this might’ve been something I know you and Paul talked, the idea of what are we medicating.

If we can shift to this understanding that porn isn’t the problem… Porn is this reality that exists because we created it and that industry exists because we created it. We demanded it. It was birthed out of our own pain. And we created this drug to medicate our pain. So it’s the medication. So the question is what are we medicating. And I think that if we come to this point where we can stop viewing the external world as the issue and we start to go internal, I believe this is when Jesus said, “We seek the kingdom of God.” And then everything will come to us. This idea. And he said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” It’s all around us. It’s over us, in us, through us, and it’s in us. I think if we come to this point where we start to seek that idea, we feel that what’s going on the side. Even to this point where we go, “Man, for some reason, I’ve always got these knocks in my stomach,” or, “I’ve got this tightness in my chest.” And we start to recognize that there is a repressed energy in our bodies. There are repressed emotions. There’s pain, essentially, that we are caring and we have been caring for a long time. And it lives in our unconscious. And we medicate that over and over and over again. There’s something inside of us that is demanding that drug. And some people medicate with other things.

I’ve got a buddy. I wrote about this in the book. He medicates with… his big thing is to chew tobacco. He had issues. Wife caught him looking at porn, and she freaked out. And she got really upset with him. And she had this whole kind of blowup. And he and I were talking. And he goes, “The thing is, it was easy for me to quit that. Once she nailed me on that, I was like I’ve got to stop that.” And he stopped. But he said, “I can’t stop chewing. But she’s never asked me to stop chew.” And he started to adopt this paradigm, what am I medicating? And he realized chew is the thing he’s really medicating with. So [inaudible – 02:50] porn is like that, but he can’t quit chewing. I was talking about it the other day [inaudible]. And we have these socially acceptable drugs, right? We have these things that everybody is okay with, but porn isn’t. And that’s kind of the way we understand it. So I just think that if we ask that question what are we medicating and we’re willing to dive into that, I think that that actually can lead us to a really, really life-giving place. All the guilt and the shame is just something not helpful. So I would tell people. And I have. I’ve sat across with people and said, “Listen, hey, all this guilt and shame that you have and really feeling terrible about this, while you’re working on this, let’s take a vacation from that. Just stop. Don’t worry about it. You’re going to mess up through this process. It’s okay. Let’s ask the real question. Let’s get past this and ask the real question. Stop viewing yourself through such a judgmental lens. And when you do that, I think it actually can really kind of flip this whole thing on its head, as the philosophers would say, and turn it into something where it’s a productive [inaudible – 03:48] asking the right questions. Does that make sense?

Stephen: Yeah, I think that’s great advice. I couldn’t agree more. I think that’s key. Thanks for sharing that with us. Tell people where can they find out more about you and your ministry and your books and all that.

Seth: I was blogging. I used to blog at a site. It’s still up. It’s called and I’ve got a bunch of old blogs on there. I started blogging with, and that’s where you can find my stuff right now. I’ve probably posted 8 to 10 logs on there now. And we are actually working on new sites. If you go to… because the subtitle of the book is the pilgrimage to help and healing. And what we’re trying to do is give people this paradigm that walking through this is not a battle. It’s not a war. It’s actually a sacred journey. So pilgrimage. And it’s something that can really lead to amazing things. So We have a trailer for the book up there. And it’s a placeholder where you can sign up for free preview of the video series that we’re going to launch. We have a guide book that’s going to be coming out. So just in a few months, we’re going to see all this material launching. And hopefully, we’re going to help a lot of people. So is a place to go for that. And you can find my writing in

Stephen: Right on. And guys, all those links will be in the show notes for this video as well as in the video description. So you don’t have to remember all that. So Seth, thanks again for your time. And good luck with the ministry. Thanks for all that you’re doing for the kingdom.

Seth: Yeah, I appreciate that, Stephen. Thanks.

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