My One Thing: Russ Shaw

“What’s the one piece of advice you would give
to someone struggling with porn addiction?”

Russ ShawRuss Shaw is the host of the ASI247: Attitudes of Sexual Integrity podcast.

Connect with Russ:

Twitter:  @russshaw


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Steve: Hey guys! Steve with Belt of Truth Ministries here. I’m here with Russ Shaw of the ASI247 podcast. We just got done recording an interview, and I figured I’ll let you guys kind of behind the scenes and see where the magic happens.

Russ: That’s right.

Steve: This is Russ’ basement. Right behind us is his old laptop.

Russ: Most of the podcast were made right here on this monstrosity.

Steve: Nice.

Russ: That’s right, right there.

Steve: Russ, you are my first interview on video.

Russ: Nice. I’m honored and humbled, of course.

Steve: I’ve got one question for you. If you guys have seen City Slickers, Curly has got the one thing. My question for you, Russ, is what’s your one thing, if you can share one thing with guys that are struggling with pornography addiction, what would you say?

Russ: I think the biggest thing, the one thing if I had one thing to say, and I come from a jacked up background – alcohol, drugs. I had my chemical romances before the pornography thing. Actually that was there too. I come from not the most churchy background. I guess I’ll use that term. I would say the biggest one thing when it comes to taking this thing on is – is God good? Asking that question is powerful. Is God good? Who are you? Are you a good creation? That’s something that Paul Young asked me and I think that’s powerful too, but really for me the one thing is – is God good? Because we want us to think about pornography as like God’s destroying our fun. Right? Like this is a fun thing. What’s wrong with looking at naked…desires aren’t bad. Right? Stuff like that. God created our sexual desire. God created us. He made that, but we can mess them up and the bible isn’t out to destroy all our fun. Is God good? A question that’s something that you’re going to have to intimately answer with your creator. It’s powerful. It’ll light you up. I challenge you to ask that with your life and with passion and without BS and being honest and not having the right answer about it but asking it diligently to your Creator because He is real and He is personal and He’s not distant. You don’t have to force your prayer life because the Holy Spirit is right there with you all the time, and that’s true. And I hope that helps.

Steve: Alright. Is God good? Ask yourself guys. Thanks Russ.

Russ: Thanks Steve.

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