My One Thing: Rick Kardos

“What’s the one piece of advice you would give
to someone struggling with porn addiction?”

Rick Kardos is the Executive Director and co-founder (with his wife Vikki) of the Nathan Project, a ministry providing hope, leadership, training, and a place of recovery for men who struggle with the compulsive use of pornography and sexual addiction.

Connect with Rick:

Phone: 603-232-8236

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Steve: Hey guys! Steven Q in here with Belt of Truth Ministries. I’m on the line with Rick Kardos. Rick is the Executive Director and Co-Founder with his wife Vicky of the Nathan Project. It’s a ministry providing hope, leadership training, the place to recovery for men who struggle with compulsive use of pornography and sexual addiction. And before we begin Rick I’m just going to ask you what’s up with the name Nathan Project?

Rick: 5 years ago Steven, kind of the lord me gave me the idea or I just found it but in the bible, Nathan has an interaction with David three different times and in each case he not invited a party. He doesn’t get a phone call. He doesn’t get a invite from David and he needs your help particularly with bad [inaudible – 0:00:57.5] he walks up and at the end of the day he said, David bets you who taught this man that we talked about stole, that did this horrible thing that you and David response by recanting…the thing, the other two times when David and Nathan interact.

My belief kind of mass struggling what’s the use of pornography with sexual addiction. He needs Nathan like someone who steps in and somewhat calls him out. It’s rare that a man who just, oh I have a problem, I need help. Usually he’s been called out and caught. This closure happens in a manner that not up his choosing and that’s when Nathan comes into your life plus a really good news why we called it the Nathan Project has been the man gets healed, you know, he first describe, he could heal and he can become a Nathan and someone else is like a ripple effect of the project.

Steve: Yeah very cool. I figured you had a good reason for picking that name and I think that’s a great reason. So that begins me to the question that I’ve been asking everyone if…what’s the one piece of advice that you would give to somebody struggling with pornography addiction?

Rick: The secrecy, you know, keel on both people, marriage, families when it comes to the use of pornography for example and sexual addiction. It’s in the beginning of the dialogue whether it’s your brother in Christ, whether it’s what have to or whether it’s a counsellor, whether it’s just with friends, whether he’s a believer or not. But open the door for dialogue. Talk conversation and then look for the wise counsel that have move you towards…in our case for example, a for men only group, for men gather, they use a curriculum maybe for two hours but have strict accountability, not a just of faith if they [inaudible – 0:03:01.9] but it’s close, it’s confidentially meet every week but that all begins with dialogue somewhere. We wired for relationships, that’s a little [inaudible – 0:03:13.8]. Most relationships begin with dialogue with one person and the other.

Steve: That’s great. I think that’s wonderful advice. Thank you for sharing that with us Rick. Tell people where they can find more about your ministry.

Rick: The easiest and the obvious way these days is You can find us on the internet to talk about it. Because I’ve worked with men in a confidential setting. I also share the office down here which is here in New Hampshire which is 603-232-8236. You’re more than welcome to call here to talk to me to get some live counsel. Then there’s on the internet, they’re about for men only groups dealing with this particular issues and with each one there is a contact. A man who leads the group and there are peer lives of [inaudible – 0:04:15.3] understand what you’re talking about and the phone number and an internet address. You can talk to them as well.

Steve: Great. Well thanks again, I appreciate your time and enjoy all the snow you guys have there in New Hampshire.

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