My One Thing: Justin “on-a-journey”

“What’s the one piece of advice you would give
to someone struggling with porn addiction?”

Justin is one of the moderators for the No Fap Christians community on reddit.

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Steve: Hey guys! Steve here with Belt of Truth Ministries. I’m on the line with Justin, or as he’s known on Reddit, u/on-a-journey. Justin is one of the moderators for the no fap Christians community on Reddit. Justin, thanks for joining us.

Justin: Thanks for having me. I’m glad to be here.

Steve: Yeah. So what’s the one piece of advice that you would give to somebody struggling with porn addiction?

Justin: It’s a tough question. I’ve thought a lot about it. I think the biggest thing that I’ve found in the past 2 years, now that I’ve been doing Reddit and talking with people, is to really take a holistic approach in how you handle porn and how you handle this addictive area in your life, it’s not just putting up a blocker on your computer or on your phone, it’s not just getting rid of the cell phone at night, it’s not just reading your bible. It’s everything coming together and having this mentality from the beginning, lights on, in the day of I want to get through this. I want to be in control of my will and in control of who I am to lights out and everything that you do during the day, whether it be controlling your thoughts or going for a jog or praying 30 seconds here or there or reading the scripture. It’s really important that you get mind, body, heart, and spirit all working together to conquer this one area. And I think when you find that you conquered this area and you say that I’m in control of myself, my body, then you’ll find that not only does this become easier but a lot of other areas where self-control and discipline are an issue, you’ll find help and you’ll find that these things are a lot easier. So I think definitely holistic, and part of the holistic there, I think a lot of the secular area leaves out is spiritual, so make sure you’re praying and reading your scripture and really just soaking in as much time with God as you can, because I think really that’s our biggest ally as well when it comes to beyond ourselves, is really getting into the spiritual side. Just the holistic point of view is what I found has been really powerful for me.

Steve: Great! Well thanks for sharing that with us. Tell people where they can find out more about what you’re doing online.

Justin: Yeah. You can find me. I’m, like you said, u/on-a-journey. You’ll see me in the moderator’s area but you can find us at or as the more normal That’s where I can be found and the other moderators I have there. We’re always growing and I’ll be excited to have new people come on and share their stories and help us grow and help their brothers and sisters who are struggling with this area.

Steve: I’ll vouch for that. As we all know, Reddit can be an interesting place to say the least, but the no fap Christians sub-reddit is a great community. I love hanging out there when I have some time on lunch breaks and whatever, and there’s just a lot of great conversation, a lot of great help and support going on there. We’ll be sure to link to all that. Everybody check out Reddit. Just be careful there.

Justin: Yeah. Bringing light from the darkness is the way we see it with Reddit.

Steve: Absolutely, yeah great.

Justin: Awesome.

Steve: Thanks again for your time, Justin.

Justin: Thank you so much.


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