My One Thing: Jenny Miller

“What’s the one piece of advice you would give
to someone struggling with porn addiction?”

Jenny Miller is one of the directors for Dirty Girls Ministries, a ministry that seeks to offer help, hope, and healing for women who struggle with pornography and sexual addition.

Connect with Jenny:

Twitter: @DirtyGirlsMin

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Steve: Hey guys! Steve here with Belt of Truth Ministries. I’ve got Jenny Miller of the line. Jenny is one of the directors for Dirty Girls Ministries. That’s a ministry that seeks to offer health, hope and healing for women who struggle with pornography and sexual addiction. Jenny thanks for joining us. What’s the one piece of advice that you would give to somebody struggling with pornography?

Jenny: Well there’s many things that people can do that are kind of struggling with this but it’s kind of a two-fold answer to that. I would say to any woman that’s struggling with pornography or sexual addiction that we hear off a lot that the very first thing is that they feel like they’re the only person that’s struggling with this and with the advent of the internet and everything you hear online dealing with pornography addiction, you would think other women would defy other women but that’s the number one thing that we hear in our ministry. Is that they feel like they’re the only one.

So I think realizing that is the first thing and then breaking that silence because that can keep us bound for so long and as for myself, 11 years I struggled with keeping that a secret. And so I think finding a community of people like yourself that can reach out and help you and just opening your mouth and breaking that silence and that stigma that you have to keep it silent would be the biggest piece of advice I can offer.

Steve: Great. I think that’s excellent advice. Thank you for sharing that with everybody. Tell people how they can find out more about you and you and your ministry and all that online.

Jenny: Well we have a website. It is There you can find resources and information and we have a community of over 2,000 women that are there. You can join and become a member. There’s all kinds of workshops and groups that we’re working. We have a conference coming in August so you can definitely check that out.

Steve: Great. Well thanks Jenny. I’ll be sure to put all that information in the show notes and viewers, just let you guys know whenever I get contacted by a woman asking for help. Obviously it’s not appropriate for me to work with them and I always point them towards Dirty Girls Ministries because I loved what you guys doing. Jenny I think you’re feeling a much-needed need and so yeah keep up the great work. Thanks again for your time and all that you guys are doing.

Jenny: Thank you.

Steve: Thank you.

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