DONE: You Have Been Made Complete

So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority (Colossians 2:10).

I can remember sensing something missing in my life as far back as my early teen years. As I grew older and my hormones began to take over, I started to believe that missing piece could be found in relationships.

All I needed to do was find a girlfriend and then I would be happy and my life would be complete.

Somehow, I finally convinced a girl to date me around my sophomore year of high school. I’d developed an interest in girls long before that of course, but all my previous attempts at charming them had failed miserably.

But now that I had a girlfriend, why did the hole remain?

Surely it must have been her inability to meet the need—or so I believed.

Inevitably, we broke up and I began my decade-long cycle of moving from relationship to relationship, hoping to find the right girl who would fill that void and complete me.

But no girl ever did, because no human relationship could ever fill the hole in my soul.

Yes, relationships are important. They can be a source of happiness, joy, and love in your life. But they can’t—and won’t—complete you.

Only Christ can truly complete you and make you whole. And the best part is, if you are in Christ, He already has.

When you were united with Christ, He filled that hole in your heart. Which means you don’t have to keep searching for the missing piece to your puzzle. You can finally be done with looking for the right person, the perfect job, or whatever else you are currently believing will fill the void and make your life complete.

You already are complete, because Christ has made you complete!

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