Dear Child: A Poetic Look at the Unfailing Love of God

Dear child, can you trust me enough to finally let go?  Can you trust me even when your heart still bleeds from the wounds your fears have left?  Can you trust me through your waves of pain? As the tears begin to flow 
and your eyes turn dim, can you trust me enough to listen then?  To bow your heart, and quiet your head…  I love you child. Will you trust my sovereign hand?  You see my book and think it’s only words. But if you will read it, it will come to life 
within your heart… and your soul. It will speak to your pain and quiet the screams inside your head.  If you will only reach out to me… Put your trust in me…  You may only see angry waves and the rolling tide, but know that I AM the one who calms the raging storm.  Yes I—the One who called the mountains to be—am telling you that I love you.  You can trust in me. Not just with your words, but with your life.  You can trust me enough to hand me your fears—even the ones that heap shame upon you from the hidden places in your heart.  I know of them already, and yet I still love you.  You cannot overcome your fears on your own.  But I can.  I love you, Dear Child…  God

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Grover CannonGrover Cannon spent more than a decade running from God with his finger in the air, trying to find happiness through outlaw motorcycle gangs, strip clubs, and heavy drinking. He was contemplating pulling the trigger on his own life when God got ahold of him, showing him how much he was loved even in the midst of his rebellion. Today, Grover preaches the love of Christ to everyone he meets and has one of the most personal relationships with Jesus I’ve ever witnessed.

If you would like to contact Grover, you can reach him here.

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