Book Review: Love Hunger

“A Harrowing Journey from Sexual Addiction to True Fulfillment.”

David Kyle Foster’s life is proof that no one could ever run so far away from God that He would no longer be able to reach them.

David was raised in the church from an early age but never truly felt loved by those around him. This hunger for acceptance led him to pursue fame as a Hollywood actor, but it also led him into some of the darkest corners of Los Angeles where he became ensnared by prostitution, pornography, and cultic practices.

His life may have appeared to be the perfect hollywood dream on the outside, but internally he was trapped in a nightmare he couldn’t get away from.

After multiple attempts on his life—some by others, some by himself—David finally began to trust the love of his Heavenly Father to set him free from the bondage of his double life. From that point on, his life took an amazing turn towards the healing and freedom he continues to walk in to this day.

I found David’s story to be one of the most inspiring examples of God’s never-ending pursuit of a man I’ve ever read. No matter where you are on your journey, I believe Love Hunger will give you a deeper understanding of God’s relentless love towards you and all who are struggling to find their way in this world.

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Highlighting My Highlights:

I’m one of those guys who can’t read a book without a highlighter in my hand, and as far as I’m concerned, it would be a shame to mark up my favorite content and never share it with you. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite quotes from Love Hunger:

“Bracing for the worst, I let it fly. In a torrent of white-hot honesty, I let God know how much I hated Him for all the painful things I had experienced in my life. Exposed and unguarded before God for perhaps the first time, I fully expected a harsh reply, or at best the same sort of lengthy sermon that Job had received. Instead, I was stunned as God hit me with a wave of love. I could literally feel the wave wash over me, and I was for quite some time rendered speechless.

Finally, I mustered, ‘I just told You how much I hated You. Why did you just hit me with a wave of love?’

His reply: ‘You’ve finally been honest with Me. Now I can help you.’

In some cosmically mysterious way, in spite of my insufferable ignorance and disrespect, the greater good was the honesty. God could handle the anger, but He would do nothing without the honesty. That was a tremendous breakthrough moment for me that bore fruit for decades to come.”

“I pretended not to hear and continued committing the sin. When I was finished, to my utter shock, the Lord spoke to me again, saying, ‘David, if you turn to me right now, I will love you, forgive you, and embrace you.”

The second time He said it, He used the same positive, loving, and inviting tone for the first time. It blew all my circuits. I was stunned! I had just ignored the Lord of all glory and had chosen a pathetic sin instead of Him. Yet He was still offering the same love and grace as before—and without the slightest change in His attitude toward me. It was a glimpse of the flawless grace of the Holy One.

Clearly, God was not someone I had to hide from. He did not look on my in disgust when I chose an idolatrous behavior over His glory. He was not trying to spoil my fun or take something good from me. He loved me, He loved me, He loved me! And there was nothing I could do to change that.

I said to Him, ‘Lord, if this is what You are really like, I want to follow You!’ In that moment, I went from obeying Him because I was supposed to, to obeying Him because I wanted to. It was grace teaching me to say no to ungodliness.”

“Our goal must never be perfect behavior, and the means must never be our own wisdom and power. The goal is to know God and be transformed by that relationship. Revelation and freedom come as a byproduct of intimacy with Him.”

“Surprisingly, living free from bondage is not the sign that we have discovered God’s way of escape. Most people ‘in recovery’ achieve some measure of progress in maintaining their sobriety by following the rules of their program. But to the degree that they see results by following that program, their sense of a need for God diminishes. What they end up with is a maintenance program based on self-effort rather than the transformation that God wants to give them.”

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