Book Review: Eyes of Integrity (Free Download)

Eyes of Integrity“The sheer number of people mired in the destructive world of online pornography is overwhelming. Every day lives are broken, hearts and minds are corrupted. How can we help free the many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people trapped by sexual addiction?” 

This is the question Craig Gross attempts to answer in Eyes of Integrityand I believe he does an excellent job.

Eyes of Integrity begins with a description of how widespread porn addiction has become, not only for nonbelievers, but for those in the church as well. The book also outlines what healthy biblical sexuality and wholeness can look like for men, women, couples, and even those who are part of the pornography industry themselves.

More importantly though, Eyes of Integrity offers advice on how each of these groups can overcome (or help others overcome) the temptation of pornography by implementing practical techniques and trusting in the healing power of Christ.

The book has a heavy emphasis on accountability and the necessity for a safe community to come beside you in your struggle. Some readers, however, have misinterpreted this as a marketing strategy to sell x3watch, the accountability software produced by the author’s ministry. I must disagree with these readers though, as I whole-heartedly believe this type of accountability is vital in anyone’s recovery. I encourage you consider the author’s suggestions regardless of his involvement with the recommended product (which, consequently, is free—so there really isn’t any financial incentive to promote it).

I highly recommend you read Eyes of Integrity. I also recommend you check out Craig Gross’s ministry site,, where you will find a ton of additional resources to help you find freedom from pornography addiction.

From Amazon: As a young pastor, Craig Gross became overwhelmed with the sheer number of people he found himself counseling who were mired in the destructive world of online pornography. Their lives were broken, their hearts and minds corrupted. How, he wondered, could he minister to the many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people trapped by sexual addiction?

Through accountability software and an online hub called, Craig began to give hope. Now, with Eyes of Integrity, he offers a helping hand to pastors, counselors, concerned friends, and those personally struggling with sexual addiction. Through these pages he and coauthor Jason Harper cover how bad the problem is and what can be done about it. From porn-proofing your home and nurturing your marriage to what to do when someone you know is in trouble, the chapters in this book offer hope in what can seem like a hopeless situation.

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